Our Vision

First Church Braintree offers a welcoming, friendly, and joyful home to all believers in Jesus Christ, and to all men, women, and children who are true seekers of hope, peace, forgiveness, and spiritual guidance.  We encourage a deepening of Christian belief through greater understanding of scripture, and by way of forward-looking approaches to worship.  We also endeavor to be active in the life our community through loving Christian outreach, and by providing a safe venue for a wide range of worthwhile organizations and groups.

Our Logo

What does our logo say about us?

The stem and leaves symbolize new life and renewal. 

The stem and leaves are growing out of strands of grass reminiscent of pages in an open Bible,

the foundation for a vibrant Christian faith.

At the center of the image is the cross, indicating that we hold Christ to be the center of all life and growth.

The green palette symbolizes nature, life and growth.

The image itself is contained in an oval, which is representative of our gathering in a community

and our fellowship with one another.

Overall the design is intended to be fresh and modern, with a simple elegance.

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